What type of glue is wall paper paste ?
Glue is all around us, it’s in virtually every item we used in our everyday lives, from packaging and clothing, for trains, cars, washing machines and circuit boards. Without it our modern world would come seriously unstuck. Over 3 million tons of adhesives used in Europe every year, but how does it actually work? Well, for everyday use, here are three of the most common types. First there is a good old pressure sensitive glues used in the light of plasters and sticky tapes, a bond is only created under pressure, the adhesive flows and fills up any microscopic pixel or troxel on the surface it’s been stuck to. If you pull of the plastic quicker than the process that causes the glue to set, it will remove without leaving residue on the skin. And then there is thermoplastic glues. Thermoplastic glues, a glues that harden during heat loss, the generally applied holds, and they only become fixed when they’re cold. Many of the old animal-based glues work this way as you add a few molten ones, this wax acts like a thermoplastic, it’s soft and gluppy while it’s hot, but as it cools, it bonds to anything it’s in contact with. You sure you know what are you doing, have you done this before? Many a time, Many a time, are you ready? Ok, on three? one. Ah. Blinkers. Yeah, it’s smart, is that good? And then there are glues that harden through evaporation like wallpapaer paste, even though they’are designed to only hold up the weight of paperwall coverings. A TV and a person at 1970s showed a man glued to a board using just wallpaper paste and then hoisted in the air. We wondered whether this was really possible, and we created the stunt. The version of the wallpapaer paste we are using is the ready mixed variety straight out of the tub. And the suit has been allowed to be dry for 4 days, we are using just the glue and no camera tricks. I’m not gonna sure this is going to work, but we are ready to let it a go. Yeah. I’ve got it, got it…. The microscopic molecules within the paste made from ingredients including potatoes starch, having embeded themselves in both of the fibers of cotton suit and the pools of timber board. Forming a bond strong enough to hold up Jonny. I’ve completely relaxed now, I was very tend, holding on the side, but I’m a dead way, I’m a completely dead way. Have you relaxed. There was a bit a terry of the shoulder, I was convinced it’s gonna work but there are I am. The only thing holding me up is wallpaper paste. So there you have it, even the most basic demestic glue is stronger than you might think.


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