Stir Fry Beef
What did Gordon say is the secret behind a good stir fry?
We'll learn a good stir fry and the secret behind a good stir fry is in the beef. This beef is in F. It's tender and delicious and more importantly, it cooks within seconds.

Take a knife and slice. The beef cut with the grain, as not spoil texture. You can see the grains going down. Basically, you would like this really row and slab beef. And then, when you cook these really nice strips, oh, that's what I want, beautiful strips on the beef, into the bowl. A touch of pepper. Be careful, not too much because soy sauce helps dark the color in it, then oil that gives a very nice oriental flavor and one table spoon of ground oil. Ground oil is natural so it's not as thick and as rich olive oil.

Crush garlic, and everything get putting into the bowl so just the case of tip it straight into the wok. Now grind the ginger in there. The ginger helps make it a little spicy, nice, and get your hands in there and just mess up the beef. Then, it's now ready for the wok.

Most important about cooking inside a wok color the meet not boil the meet. so get the wok really hot. Ground oil into the wok. Ground oil because it's not flavoured. Be generous because it can be drained out afterwards. Swirl the oil around as it starts to smoke, take your beef and slide that carefully into a wok. Swirling the beef 90 seconds. Push away, push back towards you, almost like a shoveling in air. Down and back. Push and pull back. Push and pull back. Don't leave the wok off the heat too long otherwise you lose the heat. And look, really nice color, on the beef. Delicious and tender, cook instantly.

That's really to cone out of the wok into the .



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