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fruits and vegetables are a part of a

vegetarian diet
vegetarian means do
needed no dish hope
poultry products the
yom me you let's look at those wonderful

life giving foods now shelling
Apple good
everybody loves that blue theme
annapolis is smoooooth shiny round fruit

with the top
and bottom pushed in ok
it is greedy men it is law but a deep

brain dead when it is reich
it tastes tiny and sweet normally
the me
it has a few feeds in the middle which

are thrown away
the new if you haven't eaten
apples if our folks you have missed

something in life
the new
the avocado is a pear-shaped proved
which is green when role and almost
block when it is right ok
a new with skin it is light green soft
in fleshy like buttock
it had the big feed in the middle by

Google which have to be thrown away

to get a tree
the Nana the new
the new
the new
the benign is one fever it's free the

many people around movin
Business Suite yellow fleshy
fruit menges writing the new
it has an amazing voice movie CNN's
Jim called do p the new this
skin can easily be removed pulling it
of part by permanent isn't bad
me seems
the new
berry themed
this is abetting diseases moon
ground dreams that looks like a small

nap I'll
it comes in many different varieties the
green then the and roll and the tune
into a beautiful orange red
blue then the handwriting
they have a small seed in the middle

that cannot be
eat in the mail
and cherry
I'm sure you've eaten cakes and puddings
remember that little dread born in the

middle the Nets normally
Jenny it is sweet didn't
which we'd all love to eat didn't do has

a small seed in the middle which is not
grades our little black green fruits
bitch driven by jim's
yummy you can even eat more than one at

a time
some have small seeds in the middle &

a seedless the
I love Deeb if you do this one's the

Nifty grades distes el
keep them in salt water for a while

deployed eat
okay who
you're going pretty good this don t ake
you can even had mommy and daddy with

the grapes now while
the new
and wildland
good this
isn't wonderful ripped cold
did while disease green
me to throngs and green or yellow
when this is right when we cut
guava the flesh inside is normally

also has many little seeds which can be

eaten them go ahead meet them
dog while has the most new tunes
pronounced new friedman's
found any fruit the
the new
the new
be armed is one of the world's the Marin
rooms did is tsunami
you indeed many oranges and 200m+
luminary well it is from
Chinook it is Bahrain's being
the man is his writings
hadn't removed his rule on the move them
oranges on easier to eat because the

is looms it is so much fun
be used you know of it also has slices
inside but you can eat the new
and the lemon and
the new
this does the country cousin the orange
the lemon is the ground Jen who fruit
the neat is greedy men it is wrong
and yellow when it is right the new the

of 11 is quite big then it is not very

easy to open
so be careful when you open it okay

lemon juice your eyes can be seen for a

home the lemon
is naturally divided into slices I'll
just imagine the Eaton's has its boom
Dean scheme and seeds incited
to the
the mic
good mango ok
the mango is called the game go through

India it is really yummy
ok when it is law its color is green
but it is dry determines into a

golden CNN's on
yummy red the new
it has yellow flesh inside and a the
hard seed which is thrown away with the

and mangoes
comet all shapes and sizes I'll
some mangos have lot so had in the flesh
which gets stuck in between Rd tubes to

be careful when you eat for two types of
hairy fashion mags
K and
papaya ok
the buyer is also called the poor poor
in some countries dude is shipped
Michael Norman lemon well
orange or yellow in color it is also

green when it is rule
Duke so many fruits agreement have a

and Khan be detained in this getting

kinda easy
to know is it the pilot is orange and

100 skin is peeled often friend away
the new but it also has not since small

black seeds inside
which can be determined same can
Beach the new
the new
this proved is called mpg the new the

the GC he recruited which feels very

dodge the new get it be to try it
its juicy and fleshy inside you call on

dedust kinmen see inside the end
the name pair the
the new
this is a Hannam is a crunchy fruit to

eat in the candied
boiler feed the disc in the new it is

green or yellow
made his writings nine now been feeling

the biting
28 the new have you tried it
it has smolan seeds inside which can be

eaten in sometimes have passed the man
strawberry the
peace is strawberry
eat is how yummy to eat you can stop
at one I jail
it is rated when write a book and has
small and tiny seeds inside between also

be eaten
you can pop the hood pruden on map
didn't need and enjoyed yummy
and Waterman and
the new
this the watermen
grows on the ground and it has a

striped green skin with the big cock
might means
if we'd cut it we can see good read
grand T and juicy parked which we can

bed many people don't the the
black seeds inside the new the
trying to be like a depleted the it up

to you
the vegetable
really cool you see the keep you healthy

in jumping with glee
yeah good veggies girl who
I'll some don't taste that's sweet
but the really make you rock so let's

take a look at our bed you friends
your ego you
these beans long NP
green they coped very well
in style ahead school
they are used to make dishes
some people even eat them roll
cuz some beans contain used to be sweet
beans grew above the ground 0
still like all other vegetables we need

to wash them well
be true and
vs -ism be tricked doll
read that stupid
it is eaten without its skin
do you know that eating Beetroots can

make your lips
tongue in 18th read to for a while
here is so much fun to watch Beetroots
good for us
brindell by
this is it brindell in some countries
it is also called and eggplant that's

it shaped like an egg
just look at it a new theory does indeed
look like a striped cream-colored paint
her it cannot be eaten broader give the

need to cook it and eat it
broccoli my
and this is the broccoli
it looks like a small green cauliflower
but it tastes very different
it is not found much in India
the kids in America get lots of broccoli

cuz it's really good for help you see
but hey don't sweat we eat other

vegetables here
instead which they don't get to eat
cabbage my
this is a cabbage and grooms on the

it is likely hid made with lotsa
leaves one country number
it is so much fun to open up try it

if your mom and dad show you how to beat
out to leads must be wait before we cook
and eat it it normally isn't
eaten raw
yes in deed carrots Adele
questions the above rather duluth orange

color the green
talk chop the top of
then you can meet carrots grew
below the ground so wash the carrots

well before you eat it
by it also cleans RT I
be eat boy that was good was needed
lucky I was
my good
my cauliflower
this is a cauliflower it is
of whited in color
and it looks like a small free a treaty

you can
eat doesn't that sound Black Eyed
we can pretend be monsters eating fees

we meet eat
coli flowers
hope and began only eated after it is

cooked well
remember to throw away those leaves and
and green pepper
my this is a green pepper
my it is not eaten raw all by itself
so put it in a salad to
some like it cooked to we can
also get red peppers
green and red peppers grow above the

day are different from the pepper
found next to the thought on the dining

lady's finger and
okay okay he this
is the ladies the new but don't expect

it to look like your mom the
aren't fingers because it's a vegetable

whose name to
is also called be
okra in some countries
it is long and green
and it has strange red running down its

I'll even this speech book can be

the Home Depot after cooking it
so don't he did wrong
lettuce my good
p I'm a green leafy vegetable
says the letters
you can be eaten role in a sandwich
but be sure to wash it ground before you

meet you because it grows
on the ground you see my
onion by
only these communes make me cry when I

cut them
so don't try it to be a big okay
onions are white in Collin only
and have many layers that can be peeled

one by one to the onion bacon degree
any small so don't try to eat well I'm

they'll make you cry I'm by
my your
these are like litton green bones
stacked next to each other Lincoln
carbon the cover
magically opens into do
boot shaped pieces watch the bees
pop out India cover is opened
the potato
my fact end round and brown
you need to put the tail by
it has a brown skin which is peeled off
the inside is a white fleshy llame
which is used to make coffee rid french

fries and
chips by
of don't eat too much a fried potato

he can make you packed and unhealthy
the little brown spots when the potato

a cold and I aids
my radish
by this is a red X
it looks like it can hit that window and

it tastes very different from this sweet

so you can only eat one in a salad
or after cooking it
this it's a tomato ship
delicious red vegetable
I'm not I'll to Martin's in my son which

is in some box
my disagreement is wrong
but when it is right it call that's

with it red colour in it is round and

looks a bit
likened Apple butthole didn't
tastes very different Apple hope in


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