the tree one day a big tree fell on

blocked the way of the people
they could not move about freely a woman
was on her way to the market to sell

she was hoping to make enough money
to buy much-needed things for her family
she came to the tree as she was trying

to pass it
she stumbled and spilt the mill she was

very sad
because now she would not be able to buy

the things
for her family and old man
was on his way to perform the are you

shocked prep
on his way to the mosque he stumbled

over the tree
and broke his leg traveling on the back

of a donkey
when a man and his son they were going

to visit
his brother in the next town it was dark

when they approach the town
so they did not see the fallen tree
the donkey stumbled
the man and his son fell off the donkey
their clothes were told and the fruit
they were carrying with scattered

everywhere then
came a man who upon seeing the tree
became very angry and said
this tree must have caused hurt
too many people so
up he decided to move it
from the middle of the road hoping that
a lot may forgive him his sins
the treaty was a very happy
but he managed to move it he was very

because he was able to help the people

move about freely
allow has rewarded him for that act
by forgiving him and letting him
enter paradise


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