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Graphic: Sunday 19 June is Father's Day in the UK
Arthur Woodham: We've been in Kingsland Road since 1935. I was the oldest son out of
me and my brothers so I had to go into the shop and it's a part of my
life now. Well, I'll be 85 this year so I've had a few years of it.
I worked with my father. He was a well-built man, about 16 and a half
stone, but he was a smart man with it. And you had to do what you
were told, because he was a bit strict.
Graphics: well-built
James Woodham: I started working for my grandfather... it was about twenty years ago he
asked me to come and work for him because he was getting on a bit
and the last twenty years I've worked for him. I mean, I love it. Because
you meet different people every day and it's just different. You can see
something different every day. I enjoy working for my grandfather.

Very stern, but fair. You have to understand his little ways to work for
him – he's quite hard to work for – but once you get used to him he's
fine. No, I enjoy working for him. I mean, he's looked after me for
twenty years. So, I mean, it's been great, really.

Graphics: getting on a bit
You have to understand his little ways
He's looked after me
Graphic: How would you describe your father?


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