Where did Daisy's mom suggest to look for the red chili peppers?
Daisy: I can’t wait to taste your Master Chef dishes! What a crazy idea, though, for you two to have a cooking competition!
Oliver: Well, it’s time to find out who really is the best chef!
Alfie: There can only be one Master Chef.
Oliver and Alfie: And this year’s Master Chef champion is...
Daisy: You two are crazy! Come on, I can’t stay long. I’ve got swimming practice at 7.
Oliver: OK, have you got the shopping list?
Daisy: Me? I haven’t got it, Ollie. It’s your competition, your recipe ... your list!
Oliver: Oh no, I left it in the kitchen. OK, no problem, I can remember it. We need tomatoes, onions, garlic ... oh no! They haven’t got any red chilli peppers. I really need them. It’s going to be a disaster!
Daisy: Don’t panic! I think we’ve got some at home. Hang on ... I’ll check with Mum.

Daisy: Hi, Mum!
Mum: Hi, Daisy!
Daisy: Have you got a minute?
Mum: Sure, is everything OK?
Daisy: Yeah, how’re things with you?
Mum: Not bad, I’m a bit tired, but we finish the trek tomorrow then it’s back to Bangkok and ...
Daisy: Listen, Mum, have we got any red chilli peppers at home?
Mum: Ummm ... yeah, I think so. Look in the back of the cupboard, where the tea and coffee are.
Daisy: Great. Thanks, Mum.
Mum: All right, love. Listen, I’ve got an idea for the weekend. How about going to ... oh Daisy ... I’m losing my signal. Let’s speak tomorrow.
Daisy: OK ... bye. Yes, we’ve got some at home.

Alfie: Have you got everything you need?
Oliver: Yes, I think so. You?
Alfie: Yep.
Oliver: You haven’t got much in your basket!
Alfie: No, but I’ve got all the inspiration I need ... up here!
Oliver and Alfie: And this year’s Master Chef champion is ...

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