Sophie: Darling, hi, it’s me.
Daisy: Hi, Mum.
Sophie: Listen, I’m in a bit of a hurry, but can you help me for a minute?
Daisy: Ummm ... yeah.
Sophie: Well, I’m doing a bit of Christmas shopping and I want your advice. Look. I’m here in the market. Wait a second, I’ll put my video on, OK? Listen, what do you think about these for your Uncle Bob?

Daisy: Mmm ... I’ve never seen Uncle Bob in trousers like those, but they are great! Maybe he needs a bit of colour in his life?!
Sophie: I’m not sure ... but maybe you’re right. I mean, they’re pure silk. OK, so you think they’re perfect for Bob?
Daisy: Well, I didn’t say ‘perfect’ exactly, but I’m sure he’ll like them. Wow, that market looks amazing. Lovely and colourful.
Sophie: It’s beautiful, Daisy. I’ll bring you next time for sure.
Daisy: You always say that, Mum!
Sophie: I know, love, but you have school and this is work you know!
Daisy: Yeah, I know. It’s all work, work, work.
Sophie: Daisy, one more question - what about this shirt for Oliver?
Daisy: For Ollie? Yeah, Mum, he’ll love it. No, hold on, what about that one over there, behind you? The one with the flowers on.
Sophie: This one? Really? Do you think it’s Ollie’s style? It’s a bit loud, isn’t it? He usually likes darker colours ... and I’m not sure about the flowers.
Daisy: Oh, he’ll love it, Mum. At least he won’t get lost on a dark night!
Sophie: Yeah, maybe ... he has got some brighter coloured clothes recently. OK then, I’ll get these for Uncle Bob and this shirt for Oliver and you’re getting a surprise!
Daisy: Perfect, Mum! When are you arriving home?
Sophie: I’ll be there on Monday, OK? See you then, love.
Daisy: All right, Mum, see you soon. Take care.

Oliver: Was that Mum?
Sophie: Yeah.
Oliver: Any news?
Sophie: No, she was in a market, doing some Christmas shopping.
Oliver: Oh no! It’s going to be one of those years of ‘exotic’ presents, isn’t it?
Sophie: I’m afraid so! It’s going to be another weird Christmas Day! Do you remember that year when she’d just come back from Peru?
Oliver: Oh no!

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