Why does Nathan like berries?
Grant: Now it's over to our experts!
Antony: Oh! Yes! Over to our experts! Haha!
Grant: Hello, experts!
Antony: Hello!
Grant: Now the first expert we're going to talk is Nathan Smoker.
Antony: Ooh!
Grant: Nathan, what fruit do you like?
Nathan: I like raspberries…
Antony: Mmm
Nathan: Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, apple, grapes and
most berries.
Antony: Ohh.
Grant: What is it about berries that you like?
Nathan: They're very juicy.
Antony: Oooh! I like berries, too!
Grant: Oh, and Nathan – if you were going to make a smoothie, what
fruit would you put in?
Nathan: Erm, I would probably put raspberries in it, if you can...
Antony: Oooh!
Grant: Oh, of course you can, Nathan. Thank you very much. Now
let's talk to Chaitun Bagary. Chaitun, when do you eat fruit?
Chaitun: Er, probably mostly at school and in the daytime.
Antony: And what fruit do you take to school with you?
Chaitun: Just oranges.
Antony: So you don't take blueberries or strawberries or bananas?
Chaitun: No.
Grant: Thank you, Chaitun. That was very interesting. And now
we're going to talk to Saskia Ryan.
Antony: Hehehe!
Grant: Saskia, do you like fruit?
Saskia: [nods]


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