Grant: Back to our top story today. Gi, what’s the latest on
Vida's dance?
Gi: Er, there has been an exciting new development! Vida, do
you want to tell everyone your huge news?
Vida: Yes, I'm ready to tell everybody about my huge news that
I'm going to do the dance all on my own and if anybody out
there learns it, we can all do it together! Is everybody ready?
Anthony: Ooh! Ooh! I am! I am!! Hahaha!
(Vida and Grant dance)
Gi: Ooh! Haha! Bravo! Well done, Vida! We saw it here first.
Vida Romain danced the dance that she made up. The question
is did any of you watching manage to learn it? For the answer
to that question, let’s go back to the studio. Over to you, Grant
and Antony!
Anthony: Hoo-hohohoo! Did you learn the dance? I didn’t. Ha!
I need to see it again. Er, can we see Vida’s dance again
please, Grant?
Grant: Of course we can, Antony!
Anthony: Oh good!
Grant: Let’s look at Vida’s dance again!
Anthony: And step and that way…and arms up…and arms
up…swim…and swim…and turn around…and step, kick, step,
kick, step, kick, step, kick, step, kick, turn around… and jump!
Hahahahahaha! I think I’ve got it! Hehehehehehe!


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