The dinosaur model that Alexander knocked over belonged to his
Grant: Our top story today, Alexander Bain can walk like a
robot. Reporting from the scene is Gi Ant.
Gi Ant: Thank you, Grant. I am here with Alexander in the
bedroom he shares with his big brother. Hi, Alexander.
Alexander: Hiya!
Gi: So, you are now going to walk like a robot.
Alexander: Yes I am.
Gi: Alexander Bain is walking like a robot and, as he said
earlier, he's very good at it. Er, it's stiff, it’s jerky, it’s very pos… -
oooh…Ah…There's been a terrible development! While
Alexander Bain was walking like a robot, he knocked something
over and broke it! We are seeing the pieces on the floor now.
Alexander: It's my brother's dinosaur model. It took him ages
to make and he’s going to be really cross! And he's going to say
I've got to FIX IT!
Gi: Alexander Bain is going to try to fix the model that he broke
while walking like a robot. I'll report in when I have more news.
Back to you, Grant and Antony.
Grant: Thank you, Gi. The latest on our top story: Alexander
Bain broke his brother's dinosaur when he was walking like a
Antony: Oh, poor Alexander, poor, poor, poor Alexander. He
was walking like a robot and then…crash! Oh, he didn’t mean it.
It was an accident. I hate accidents.


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