Anthony: Dogs really love to eat, don't they Grant?
Grant: I wonder if Solo's dog loves to eat too. Let's find out about
dogs and eating as we go back to our missing dog story. Er, Gi?
Our experts tell us that dogs love to eat. Can Solo tell us whether
Stan loves to eat too?
Gi: I'll find out, Grant. Solo. Does Stan like to eat?
Solo: Yes. He loves to eat!
Gi: And when does he eat?
Solo: It's his dinner time now.
Gi: And what does he eat?
Solo: He eats a bowl of dog food every evening.
Gi: Stan eats dog food every evening. Anything else?
Solo: When he's good, I give him a dog biscuit.
Gi: Stan gets biscuits as a treat. Ah! There is something else noisy
happening! A dog looking exactly like Stan has just come into the
room! Wow! Ah…
Solo: Stan!
Gi: It IS Stan! Solo, where do think he was?
Solo: I think he was in the house all the time!
Gi: And why has he come in now?
Solo: He must have heard me shaking the biscuits - and got
Gi: Stan heard the biscuits!
Solo: Oh Stan!
Gi: Well, it’s a very, very happy ending to today's story. Stan, the
missing dog, is safe, well, and full of dog biscuits! Back to you,
Grant and Antony.
Grant: Thank you, Gi.


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