What did Dylan's dad bring for him to drink?
Anthony: What else is Dylan going to take camping?
Grant: Well, let’s find out!
Gi Ant: So, Dylan, you have a tent. What else do you need to go
Dylan: My sleeping bag and my pillow.
Gi: Hmm, I see. Why do you need a sleeping bag?
Dylan: It makes you nice and warm during the night.
Gi: Very important. Er, and why doesn't your sleeping bag look like
a bag?
Dylan: Because it's rolled up.
Gi: Ah, of course. So, when you unroll it, you'll fit inside it?
Dylan: Yes.
Gi: Er, what else do you need to go camping?
Dylan: My torch.
Gi: Mmm, ah, ah and what will you use that for?
Dylan: I can read my book at night with my torch.
Git: So you're bringing a book as well?
Dylan: Yes.
Gi: Dylan is bringing a book that he can read using his torch. What
else do you have, Dylan?
Dylan: My backpack.
Gi: Ah, a backpack! And what have you got in there?
Dylan: Some clothes and food.
Gi: What food are you taking?
Dylan: Peanuts, and apples…
Gi: Mmm!
Dylan: … and crisps.
Gi: Mmm! That sounds like a feast to me. Dylan Tomkins has
everything he needs to go camping in his back garden. Is that
right, Dylan?
Dylan: Yes, that's right, Gi!


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