Right, well…cheers! That’s work done. So it’s dinner time…. was thinking about doing a bit of a Spanish omelette, that’s your onions, your eggs, bit of pepper, the red pepper variety, but then there’s good old pesto, whack that in a bit of pasta – very quick, very easy. However, little bit of a special occasion tonight I’ve asked a lady to come round, so erm, I’ve already prepared a lasagne and we’re just going to crank up the oven and stick that in. See you later.

All right? Well, I bought rather a nice bottle of wine because as I said she’s coming over, but just putting the finishing touches to the lasagne. I’ve put the basic pasta and tomato layers and it’s tuna fish ‘cos I don’t know whether she eats meat, so bit more cheese needed on the top, just to cover it off and that goes in on the end, so that makes a nice melted cheese top.

Right.. well… she’s here, she’s happily sitting down, which means it’s time for a little drink and of course it’s a nice white wine, hope it will go with the lasagne. I know that she likes lasagne because when we first actually met it was at an Italian restaurant, that was what she ordered and I found out her name and looked her up on Facebook and offered her, you know, a friendship invite and she said that before she accepted she felt that we ought to know one another a bit better, so that’s what we are going to do.

Well, it’s not going so well, she’s on the phone. Looks like a really intense conversation, I don’t know who it is she’s talking to …maybe it’s her mum, yeah, it’s probably her mum.

Well, she’s gone she’s left me holding this, although I have to say, she has made quite a dent in it, so I don’t know why she went, but whatever reason it was, it wasn’t that lasagne ‘cos that is great and I’ve got over 500 friends on Facebook, so what’s one less?

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