Hello everybody I’m Sarah Zhang.
As you might guess, I’m not English, I’m from
China. There are a lot of Chinese people in
London now. Some of them have been here for
a long time and some of them are quite new
here, so I don’t feel lonely.
I always have someone I can speak Chinese to
and there are some great restaurants here so I
don’t have to eat English food all the time. I
have some Chinese friends here but I also have
lots of other friends, some from Britain and
some from other places as well. The crowd in
Tony’s café. London is full of people from all
over the world.
So, more about me. I’m 26 and I first came to
Britain 4 years ago. I’m from Shanghai
originally. I studied fine art in Shanghai and now
I’ve come to London to carry on my studies. It’s
a great place to study. There are lots of
students here. And some good universities.
Sometimes, I get a bit lonely and I miss my
family and friends in China. And London can
seem unfriendly at first. It’s difficult to find a nice
place to live here and it’s very expensive. But
there are lots of great galleries and museums
here with classic and contemporary art so that
means lots of opportunities for work.
I like it a lot in Europe. Now, I feel quite divided
between the European way of life and the
Chinese one.
When I’m not studying, well, I like to visit
museums and galleries, you already guessed
that, oh, and I like shopping. Shopping is great
here. Some really interesting fashion; and great
designers. I met my friend Olivia when I went to
buy some shoes at her shop next door to the
café. I also write pieces for a website,
dimsum.co.uk about Chinese life in the UK. Oh,
and I like to hang out with my friends at Tony’s.


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