Hi everybody - welcome to London. My name's
Olivia, pleased to meet you.
My surname is Barbieri which is an Italian name
because my grandparents were from Italy, but
I'm English. I've always lived in London because
I really like it here. It's an expensive city but it
has lots to offer. I don't think I'd like to live
anywhere else.
I'm 28, which means I'm a little bit older than
most of my friends and sometimes I think they
see me as their mum or aunt or older sister,
especially because a lot of my friends are a long
way from their families. They're always asking
me to help them out with their problems, but I
don't mind it at all. In fact, I quite like it.
I work in a small shop. It doesn't sound like a
very exciting job, but I love it. I own the shop
and we sell shoes, but they're not ordinary
shoes. They're all special shoes, hand-made by
craftsmen. We have lots of different kinds of
shoes, some very posh ones for parties andsome everyday shoes. But they're all unusual;
funky I call them. It's not easy to get shoes like
this so some of them are quite expensive.
Business is good at the moment but sometimes
I get bored of my job and dream about doing
something else, but I'm not sure what else I'd
like to do. I really want to start up a website so I
can sell our shoes online all over the world and
so I can spend less time in my shop.
What else can I tell you? Oh well, ah, in my free
time I like reading and going to the cinema, and
going for walks in the park, oh, and I hate sports
of any kind.
I really like my life here. I guess because I've
got so many good friends. We all hang out
together in Tony's cafe, which is right next door
to my shop, fortunately, and ugh, by the way, I
have a small nephew called Joe. He's five and
he's a bit of a terror. I often look after him when
my sister is busy - so watch out for him.


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