Sam and Pam are space spies. They arrive in a super spaceship. Look! They want to learn to speak English. They have a special spyphone and spypad to help them.

Ben and Tess are in the house. They’ve got a dog. His name is Sid.
“Come on Sid! Sit on the mat!” says Ben.

Sam and Pam are in the garden. Sam has a secret spyscope. Pam has a special spyphone. They watch Ben, Tess and Sid the dog.

Sid sits on the mat and Ben and Tess play with him. They are having lots of fun!
“Come here! Sit! Pat, pat, pat!”
“Pat, pat, pat?” say Sam and Pam.

Ben and Tess run into the garden. Sam and Pam sit in the tree and hide.
“Let’s play in the sandpit!” shouts Tess.

Ben shows Tess how to make tall towers with tins. “Put them like this. One tin, two tins, three tins. Then tap, tap, tap.” Suddenly, Sid runs out and sits in the sandpit.
“Oh, Sid!” says Tess.

Sam and Pam take out their spypad. They don´t know what Sid is. “Dog.”
“Dog, dog, dog?” says Sam.
Ben, Tess and Sid sit in the sandpit. Sid digs and the children make a tower with tins until mum shouts, “Come in,
it´s time for tea!”

Sam and Pam sneak into the sandpit. “Tin, tin, tin,” says Sam.
“Tap, tap, tap,” says Pam. Sid runs towards the sandpit.
“DOG!” they scream.

“Pat, pat, pat!”
“Dog, dog, dog!” laugh Sam and Pam.


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