The Funfair
Before riding the bumper cars, _______________ and you won't get hurt.
Ben and Tess are going to have a special treat. It’s a sunny day and the funfair is in the high street. Sam and Pam don´t know what a funfair is. They decide to follow the children.

First they spy the coconut shy.
“Knock down four or more to win a furry monkey,” says the man.

Next, they slide down the helter-skelter. “Weeee!”

Ben wants to go on the bumper cars. “Do up your seat belt and you won´t get hurt!” says the lady.

They go into the hall of mirrors. “Cor, I´m really tall,” says Tess.
“Look, I´m short! I´m a quarter of my normal height!” calls Ben.

“Is it time for something sweet to eat?” asks Tess. They sit at a table and eat a doughnut and an ice-cream sundae with strawberry sauce.

Next, they ride on the magic boat. “You don´t need oars, but you will need a coat!” says the man.

Sam and Pam are afraid.
“Look! Can you see the small cars on the rails?”
“Yes. Oh! They’re going into the jaws of the monster!” Ben and Tess say as they walk slowly down the road towards the next ride.

The sign reads ‘If you go on the ghost train at night, you’ll get a nasty fright.’ Sam and Pam don’t understand the word ‘fright’. They get on the ghost train behind Tess and Ben to find out.

The children scream and laugh.
“Eek, that’s scary!”
“Cor! What a fright!” The small cars break through the doors and into the light. Sam and Pam can’t wait to run away.
“Fright, fright, fright!” they scream as they run off to find their spaceship!


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