Where does Paaras go when he doesn't get his own way?
Antony: Oh! That's Gi! Hahaha! He must be with Prisha and
Paaras! Hehe!
Grant: We go now to Gi Ant. Are you there, Gi?
Gi: Yes, Grant, I'm here in the kitchen of 163 Bath Road with
Prisha and Paaras Bhardwaj. Hello Prisha and Paaras.
Prisha/Paaras: Hello Gi!
Gi: What's your news?
Prisha: We're making breakfast in bed for our …
Prisha/Paraas: …mum.
Gi: Ooh! Ha! Prisha and Paaras are making breakfast in bed for
their mum.
Paaras: But we don't know what to make!
Gi: Ooh! Erm, this just in. Prisha and Paaras must decide what
they give their mum for breakfast. Ooh! And, and Paaras is going
to the refrigerator… Anything?
Paaras: What about salad?
Gi: Hmm!
Paaras: She likes salad.
Gi: Hmm! Good!
Prisha: You don't have salad for breakfast!
Gi: Ah… erm, it won't be salad...
Paaras: What about cheese then?
Gi: Mmmm?
Prisha: No.
Paaras: What about... sweetcorn?
Gi: Aha…? Oh… um, they will not be giving their mum salad,
cheese or sweetcorn for breakfast.
Paaras: I’ve got a good idea! Let's go to the toaster!
Gi: Um… Paaras has had an idea!
Paaras: What about some toast? We can make some toast!
Prisha: Sure


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