It’s a wonderfully warm day and Ben, Tess, Mum and Dad are going to the zoo. Sam and Pam walk behind them quickly and quietly.

First they see some foxes. “A female fox is called a vixen,” reads Ben. The zoo keeper has a fox in a big box. His name is Max. Sam and Pam take a photo with their spyphone.
“Fox in a box!” they laugh.

Ben wants to look at the spiders. Some of them are weaving their webs. “My favourite is the black widow because it’s very dangerous,” says Ben.
“I don´t like spiders!” says Mum.

“Do you want to watch the flying squirrels?” asks Dad. The squirrels jump quite quickly. Ben and Tess quarrel about which squirrel is the winner.

There are dozens of zebras at the zoo. Ben and Tess watch them zigzag across the yellow grass. Next to the zebras the yaks are yawning. Sam and Pam love the yawning yaks!

Tess knows a lot about bees. She had a quiz about bees at school. She watches the yellow and black bees buzz around.
“There are thousands of worker bees, but only one queen bee,” explains Tess.
“Bees! Bees! Bees! Bees!”

Now they’re waiting in a queue to see the dolphins, seals and sharks.
“Look! Can you see the walrus and the whale in the water?”

The whale jumps out of the waves and everyone gets wet! Sam gets wet too. “Wet, wet, wet!”

It’s late and there’s a cold breeze. “Zip up your jackets!” says Dad. “It´s time to go home.”
“Oh, Dad! We want to go into the shop,” says Tess.
“We´ll be quick!” says Ben.

Ben, Tess, Mum and Dad all walk home from the zoo and Sam and Pam zoom into space. They’ve got whale water pistols from the zoo.
“What fun!”
“Wet, wet, wet!”


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