World War I
It was called a "total war' as it
Hi, my name is Neville Miller and today on we're talking about the First World War which took place from 1914 to 1918.
World War I had roots in the tensions between the big colonial empires and the control of the remaining free territories. The beginning of the 20th century saw increasing turmoil between France and Germany, particularly over the control of Morocco.
This lead to the formation of two military alliances between 1906 and 1914: the Triple-Entente France, England, and Russia; and the Triple-Alliance Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy.
Some say World War One officially started after the invasion of Serbia by Austria-Hungary. This was a direct consequence of the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo on July 28th of 1914.
The first German offense was indeed very quick in the western front: passing through Belgium, a neutral country, Germany reached France in a month. But the Marne battle of September 1914 put an end to their progress.
In the eastern front, a large Russian army invaded Germany in August. But the German soldiers, better armed and trained, pushed the Russians back in a couple of weeks and won the key battle of Tannenberg.
Turkey got involved November 1st 1914 with Germany, and Austria failed its offensive in Serbia. From 1915, the War stabilized into trench warfare: each camp stayed in fortified ditches from where they fired upon each other. 
On the eastern front, the Triple-Entente failed its landing in Turkish Dardanelles. Bulgaria got involved in 1915, followed by Romania in 1916. But it lost against Austria and Bucharest and was occupied at the end of 1916.The year 1917 was a turning point in the War. Many soldiers became discouraged, others suffered from famine or became ill. It lead to waves of mutiny and subsequent harsh military sanctions.
Russia abandoned the war to focus on national issues, the bolshevik revolt, and the United States got involved April 6th, after 128 Americans were found dead in a British ship sunk by Germany A key theme of the war was advanced weaponry. Armored tanks, air forces, and poison gas were used by all sides. Wireless communication devices were used as well.It was called a ‘total war' as it engaged the soldiers as well as civilians, in order to support and maintain the war effort. And the losses were staggering: more than 8 million died, and more than 29 million were injured. The material losses were enormous: entire cities in France and Belgium were destroyed.
The Armistice was signed November 11th 1918 in France. Then in 1919 the Treaty of Versailles was signed which helped bring the remaining troops home. The Triple-Entente won and Germany was defeated.

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