Mr. Universe is basically the last show before you go into the Olympia. And the Olympia is the big one, the Arnold Schwarzenegger one. It's the pinnacle of a lot of people's careers, or where a lot of people will stop. That's the one title I wanted. You know, Lou Ferrigno or Arnold Schwarzenegger won those a couple times. You know, that's the pinnacle for me. And for what it means to me is; I lived up to my goal. I picked it. That was something I said at 7 years old, that's what I want. And I got to do it, 4 times.
The competition to get to the Mr. Universe is tough. There are a lot of shows you have to qualify; you can't just sign up when they go into it. I had, I had to win the Mr. America, Mr. USA, Mr. National, all before getting into that and that's on the pro level, there you're still considered an amateur. I started so young. I started to compete when I was fourteen and I started winning teenage show by time I was nineteen I started winning in a men show even I was still a teenager. It's a tough competition, it's the entire world coming over here, guys from Japan, Australia, and everywhere. In my class alone I think we had sixty competitors and there are height classes. i was in the tall class and there's three classes shortly made them tall. There's a lot guys to beat, and not just once but four times. It's just like consistency of training and knowing that everybody else are doing that you end up burling, stand with it.
Well they look for shape, it's the first thing. Balance and that means you can't walk on stage with a huge upper body and no legs. You have to be proportionate. Everything matches. You know you don't have one thing blowing out, somebody comes out with big tree trunk legs and no upper body, same kind of thing. So it's the density of the muscle, the hardness of it. The lines of your body. Are you ripped? And than the balance through the body, everything, you know there's a certain critique or a visual look that each muscle does have and if you do it right, they take the guy that's most perfect.
Yes, there is. There is a Mrs./Miss Universe. But the Fitness Universe, I stay around and watch that show.


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