Yes, it's spring time in Alaska and this mother grizzly is teaching her young ones how to fish, so they can feed themselves. I mean it's not like fish just jump out of the water into your mouth. Wow, OK, I mean sometimes they do! But it's all a matter of being in the right place at the right time. This time of year, rivers are teeming with fish and mother grizzly is traveling into the exact same spot where her old mother taught her how to nav sending. OK, mom has finally arrived at her teaching spot. She spreads her rear legs for balance and direct her laser like glare into the current. When she gets the opportunity, she'll grab a fish at the clear water or in the underwater with her paw. Mom's trying to teach, but one of her cubs isn't even watching. When mom finally makes a picture perfect grab, that's when they notice what she's doing, probably because the lunch has arrived. OK, well, that's enough work for one day, but these lessons have to be ordered. A full grown grizzly can eat 50 pounds of food a day.


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