One hot day,an ant was searching for water."I'm so thirsty...Where will I get water.I'm so tired I can't go any more."The ant searched around for water.The ant heard water flowing in the distance."Oh,I hear water.I'd better hurry and see."There really was a clean and clear creek where the ant went."Oh,good.I'd better drink up."The ant wanted to drink water as soon as possible.But,when the ant was about to drink,he slipped and fell in the water."Help,somebody help."Struggling about in the water.Suddenly a leaf fell from the sky.A pigeon saw the ant in the water and thew the leaf."Ant,get on the leaf."The ant got on the leaf that the pigeon thew him and was able to live."Thanks,pigeon."The pigeon smiled at the ant and flew away.One day,a hunter was aiming at a tree.He was aiming to shoot at the pigeon who was sitting in the tree.The ant was passing by and saw this."Oh,no!The hunter is trying to shoot pigeon."Worried that the hunter might shoot the pigeon,the ant hurried and bit the hunter's leg."Ow!"The hunter yelled in pain.The pigeon flew away when he heard the hunter yell."oh,good."The ant smiled proudly when he saw the pigeon fly away.




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