Country Mouse
What did the town mouse think of country food?
Once upon a lazy day, a town mouse was on a visit to the nearby country. There by chance he met a friendly country mouse who offered to show him the sights. The town mouse was delighted to accept his offer and even more delighted to take in the beauty of the land. For here the sky was as blue as a robin's egg and the rolling green hills looked as if they were cut from velvet.

The town mouse had a splendid visit and was grateful to his new friend, even though he turned up his nose at the fresh vegetables and fruits, finding the country food too boring for his refined tastes. "I know!" he exclaimed to the country mouse."It would be an honor to have your accompany me back to my town as my guest." The country mouse agreed and they set off at once.

The country mouse was astonished by what he saw in the kitchen of his friend's house.Food such as he had never seen before filled the pantry shelves. There were wheels of cheeses and sacks of grain. There were sweets and row upon row of jams and jellies. Such delights! The two mice, finished from the journey, stuffed themselves until they could eat no more.

The simple mouse from the country was in awe of the town mouse, thinking he had such a wonderful life. The town mouse was in his glory, enjoying the last crumb of his meal, when they were started by loud footsteps. The two scurried out of the way, barely escaping being discovered by the homeowner. He noticed immediately the mess and was in angry that the mice had invaded his kitchen he went off to find the cat. "That does it," he shouted, "I'll take care of these mice once and for all!"



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