Rush hour
What does "rush-hour" mean?
Hello,guys,welcome back to JAT English.Abraham,Thomas and Jat with us.So today we'll talk to you about traffic in California.It's crazy.What time is it now?5:37.Oh,yeah.This is rush-hour time.You turn of the day of rush hour.Rush-Hour.What does it mean,Thomas?Rush-hour is time when there is a lot of traffic and there are cars everywhere.Everywhere.Exactly.And you can't go anywhere.You are stucked.We are just stucked in traffic.If we can show you outside,we are not moving at all.Yeah,just a little bit.Sorry,just a little bit.Very slowly.Yeah.So that's what we call the time when there is traffic everywhere.You just stucked on traffic.Literally,just spinning slowly.How to say?Just count one more.Ok.Rush-hour.Rush-hour.Yes.So rushing like rush rush rush.Why don't you tell us spells?R-U-S-H rush and then hour H-O-U-R but there is dash between rush and hour.Oh,man.This guy is a genius.Rush-hour.Yes,there is a movie out there in case that you know.Yes,there is a movie called Rush Hour.Rush Hour 1,2 and 3.Jackie Chen,how do you say Jackie Chen in Chinese?Cheng Long.Cheng Long.Sorry,I don't know.I don't know what is right.Cheng Long.Cheng Long.Cheng Long.Please pardon us we pronounce bad.So we gonna show you the traffic outside the road.And what?We are locked off.Now we are moving.Now we are speeding.So let's turn a little round and we'll what looks like on the ground.Look at that.We are moving guys.Yeah!We finally moving.And with that,we will catch you guys later.Bye.


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