One. Two. Three.


What? Abe, what are you doing with that? I thought you quit cold turkey.

Abe, 你干嘛呢?我以为你当时就下定决心戒烟了。

Seriously, Abe. I thought you quit smoking.


Yeah, I did. But I do smoke once in a blue moon when I am invited out or grab a beer. That's it. I don't pipe them any more.


Dude, that's one of the most harmful things you can do to yourself. Just quit! Tell him, Tomas!


Listen up, Abe. Smoking is one of the leading causes of cancer, lung disease, and long-term respiratory diseases. And then...


You sound like my girlfriend right now. I really don't want to listen to your lecture.


No, no. Smoking is one of the leading causes of preventable death. You should stop it and you are ruining yourself.


OK,OK,OK. I'll quit.I'll quit. God!


You heard it? I heard that. You heard it? I heard that.

你听到他说什么了吧?听到了。 你真听到了吧?对,我听到了。

I'll bet you of 100 bucks that you won't be able to quit smoking.


I'll be the referee.


Hey, this is gonna be be the easiest bet I have ever made.


For real?


For real.


Oh my! This is a real bet. Don't look down on me. Really!


You got it. You got it.


Hello, you guys. Welcome to another lesson at JAT English. We have new terms for you to learn and to use.


They are “cold turkey”, “once in a blue moon”, “grab a beer”, “make a bet”, “bucks”, and “don’t look down on me”.

这些表达包括“cold turkey”, “once in a blue moon”, “grab a beer”, “make a bet”, “bucks”, 以及“don’t look down on me”

The first term “cold turkey” was used by Jay to tell Abe that he had quit cigarettes “cold turkey”, meaning that Abe had quit smoking on the spot, immediately, right away. There was no hesitation. And he didn’t try to go back.

第一个表达是 “cold turkey”。对话中Jay对Abe说他以为Abe“当时就下定决心戒烟了”,这时候Jay用上了 “cold turkey”。意思就是Abe在当初说要戒烟的时候当场就下定决心了,而且毫无犹豫,一言九鼎,决不反悔。

The next term “once in a blue moon” is the term used by Abe to explain how rare it is for him to smoke cigarettes. That’s what the term means. “Once in a blue moon” means that it’s rare.

接下来这个表达叫 “once in a blue moon”。对话中Abe说这话是解释他只是偶尔地抽抽烟。“once in a blue moon” 就是偶尔、不经常的意思。

The following term “grab a beer” is used between friends when they want to go out and just grab a beer, to just hang out and drink a beer together and share each other’s company.

接下来是“grab a beer”。如果朋友之间想相邀出去走走、逛逛、喝点儿啤酒,或者享受欢聚时光,就可以用上这个表达。

The following term “make a bet” is gambling. It is the gamble between people where the winner shall obtain the prize. In this situation, it was “bucks”, which is our following term. “Bucks” is another way of saying “money”.

接下来的表达是“make a bet”。这个短语的意思是“打赌”,赢的人可以拿走赌注。在短片里,赌注就是100块钱,这就引出了下一个表达 “bucks”,“bucks” 是“钱”的另一种说法。

Our final term “don’t look down on me” was used by Abe to tell Jay that he should not change his opinion about him in a lesser form because Jay was so confident that he would win the money. Abe replied back by saying “don’t look down on me ”, which meant you should not think of me as someone who can not win this bet, or someone who can not overcome this unfortunate habit, that he happens to be engaged in.

最后一个表达是“don’t look down on me”。短片里Abe对Jay说了这句话,因为他觉得Jay不应该认为他没法儿成功戒烟。Jay 很自信自己能打赢这个赌,这个时候Abe对他说“don’t look down on me”。意思就是你不该认为我没法儿戒掉吸烟这个坏习惯,不该觉得我在这次打赌中会成为输家。

I hope you guys enjoyed these terms. Once again, I hope you don’t use these terms once in a blue moon, but you will use them while grabbing a beer. Thank you guys. Remember to practice. And I’ll see you guys later at JAT English. Thank you.


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