There are a few pillars of the facebook ecosystem, and one is News Feed. Right, that’s you… you show up, and you could just see all the stuff that is important that’s happening recently with your friends. Another pillar has been Timeline, where each person umm… can share whatever they want with whomever they want on-on facebook, and… your Timeline is your place where you can curate everything that you wanna show up about you, and it’s just everything about you in one place. And… Graph Search is going to be another pillar that’s like that.

So there’s really simple things that people wanna do. They wanna find all the photos they’ve liked. They wanna find all the photos of two particular people, um… all the photos of their family. They wanna find all their friends who live in a particular city, because they are going to visit there. And those are really hard things to find right now. You have to go to a bunch of different pages. You have to piece all the stuff together. And now it’s easy. You know, you just… you can say what you want, and you get the results.

In-in web search, uh… it’s very often the case that, you know, if you do a search for, you know, apple, and I do a search for apple, we’re basically gonna get the same results. Um, maybe I’ll get like slightly more technical results based on, you know, Apple computer, and maybe you might care about the fruit a little more, but they are not that different from each other, whereas um… on facebook, when you do the same searches, we get completely different sets of results because of the depth of personalisation that we do.

The-the types of questions that we can solve are-are kind of this slightly nuance and social questions that you wouldn’t typically think to ask um… other search engine, that you wouldn’t typically think that the internet could solve for. Um… there’s a lot to be said for taste, like what movie should I go and see, uh… what bands might I like, based on the friends that I have.

Well, I had a toothache the other day, and as I’m relatively new to the area, so I don’t have a dentist, and… looking out dentists that my friends liked was really awesome, because I knew that I was gonna go to someone who knew what they were doing, which she did.

It’s a shame because, you know, most people today don’t think about facebook as a place to discover places where they can go eat or things that they can go do. Um, but with this product, I mean, that’s just… it’s so… it’s so natural to be able to do that.

In the past, facebook has really been primarily about… mapping out and staying in touch with and communicating with the people already know in the real world. But now, we’re building a product that can also be used to finding people you maybe should know — people of common interests, people you wanna work with.

You can find friends of friends who have common interests: Friends of friends who are interested in ballroom dancing or in running or hiking. And in many ways what this will do is… is make your community feel a bit smaller; make the world feel a bit smaller.

Today, we’re really just starting off with a few basic types of things that you can search for: people, photos, places, pages for businesses, and… that’s just the start.

We wanted to get this out as early as possible so we could get feedback from the users. Iterate, make the product better, and get it to a point where we can launch this to everyone.

We just view this as a project that we’re gonna be working on for years and years to come, but um… as it gets more completed, it just gives me this amazing resource for, you know, a lot of people around the world to use.


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