Mrs. Lee, I believe you have some words to say about the David Lee brother.

I'm not going to sing praise to my late husband, not today. Neither am I going to talk about how good he was. Enough people have done that here. Instead, I want to talk about some things that will make some of you feel...a bit uncomfortable.

First of all, I want to talk about what happened in bed. Ever have difficulty starting your engine in the morning? hurrrrrr... Well that's exactly what David snoring sounded like. But wait, snoring wasn't everything. There was also this rear and wind action going on his weights. Some nights, it will be so forceful it will wake him up!

"What was that?" He would ask.

"Oh, it's the dog." I would say, "Go back to sleep dear."

Or you may find these all very funny, but towards the end of his life, when his illness was at it's worst, these sounds indicated to me that my David was still alive. And what I wouldn't be given just to hear those sounds again before I sleep.

In the end, is these small things that you remember...The little imperfections that make them perfect, for you. So to my beautiful children, I hope one day you too find yourself life partners, who are as beautifully imperfect as your father was to me.


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