A few hundreds years ago ,Scientices believe that the volcanoes were burning mountains fire today . We know they really opening of events to the hard interior of the planner .About 15hundred volcanoes around the world classify is active and extinct .Nearly 90percent this risting the ring of fire aban the surfering the sefercotion .There vocation is no accident .Where the earth surface look stable is crush is made up the main stable and rock like puzzle pieces and consistantly shape where distinct is correct volcanoes are often form .Flaction from shefe plane made earth crush to liquify .These mountain rock or magma than becomes volcanoes scape the earily .It is called lava ,not all lava is same . Mainly lava is flowing quickly ,for the generally stables to the sharing volcanes .Pick struggle lave doesn't this form .inturn for the stable slabes .puzzent volcanoes .on puzzent volcanoes can rape in validly differently .the speed of lava is 2000miles for an hour this recktation runs away sometimes blow away large trance of volcanoes .Some volcanoes like pacific and himalaya will magma potanoes trance away .Himalaya is one of monest of volcanoes is continue this way since 1986 .Because himalaya is sharing volcanoes this kind of inruption is gentle one .Lava ruzzine from killerway president is new way .the only stable early .near volcanoes can be puzzles .and year 780 for surveys inruption .poison ash ,gases and rocks deeply rotton .is far more dangers than the lava flow .this surviors is very pound pay claim the life 2000 people .the volcanoes can be deadly ,they also provide benefits for volcanoes creative 18 percent creatives as much as today .volcanoes creative

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