Mardi Gras
In Europe, Mardi Gras meant hiding behind ____________ and dancing at costume balls.
New Orleans,Louisiana known for jazz music,Queen Street and world famous party called Mardi Gras.But the celebration is far older than the city.The roots of Mardi Gras stretch all the way back to ancient Rome and spring Festival of costumes,feasting and merry making.As christianality spreads through Europe,some bacon festivals turned into church holidays.And the Roman celebration was reborn as Carnival.Carnival comes from the Latin word carnelevale meaning farewell to the flash.That's because carnival leads up to the season of land when Catholics traditionally fast,pray and give up eating meat.Carnival is the last chance for believers to their hair down with 40 days of dance beginning in the Earliest.French immigrants brought the Carnival traditions with them when they settled New Orleans in 1718.Here the fast season opens on the 12th night after Christmas and bills to the grand

Fernali of Mardi Gras.In French,Mardi Gras literally means fat Tuesday from the tradition of using up all the butter and other fats in the kitchen before land begin the next day---Ash Wednesday.Back in Europe,Mardi Gras meant hiding behind a mask and dancing at costume balls.But New Orleans put it in his own spin on tradition.In 1857,a secret society called the mystic crew of comers staged a parade with floats.Soon,other secret crews were formed adding their own floats.And modern Mardi Gras was born.Today,New Orlean Mardi Gras celebration is the biggest in the US attracting more than a million people each year.The city is dyed out in traditional colors chosen in 1872.Purple symbolizing justice,Green representing fate and gold for power.These colors also decorate the tops of King cakes.The custom dates back to medieval France with cakes were baked with little flavors like a coin or a bean inside and served on 12th night to honor the three Kings who visited the infant Jesus.In New Orleans,the bakers now hide a small plastic baby and whoever gets the baby in their slash,has to buy the next King cake.But no matter how many people throng the streets on Mardi Gras,the celebration is officially ends at midnight.Fat Tuesday gives way to Ash Wednesday.And the beats and feathers are put away until Carnival season comes again.


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