China Desert
The forestation bureau is working to build a green Great Wall ________________ across the desert of northern China.
The farmland of Hangyang Tang in Hubei Province lies abandoned. Over the last century, sand has devoured the rich pastures. As sand dunes edge close to Beijing each year, northern China's graphically turning into desert. Sheng Zhaoshang, the director of Beijing's Forestry Bureau, said sandstorm has been harmful to people and bad for the environment. More than 17% of China's landmass is now desert. Each spring, Beijing usually has at least one sandstorm. Some experts believe that the country's problem is the result of its fast-paced development. China's Meteorological Bureau has launched a monitoring system predicting sandstorms of the three days in advance. Professor Shu Wang says, the system is vital to combating the negative effects of the storm. Reduced visibility on the roads brings accidents, so there are majoring inconvenience for commuters and travelers. But the Forestry Bureau's war to build the green great wall of trees to cross the desert of northern China seems to be paying off. According to officials, deserts have been shrinking slightly since 2001, thanks to people planting loads of new trees.


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