The hummingbird maybe one of the most interesting creatures you'll ever see flying around your backyard. Consider some of these astonishing facts: A hummingbird's heart beats 1260 time a minute, that's 21 times every second. Their wings beat 65-75 times in that same second. They weigh one tenth of an ounce and have an incredible range of mobility. They can fly forward, backward, up, down, upside down, and they can hover in mid air. Hummingbirds feed on nectar from a variety of flowers. Nature's way of getting them to pollinate a wide variety of plants. They may visit up to a thousand of flowers a day, feeding about every ten minutes. The nectar must be at least 12 percent sugar, and the hummingbirds like it better when it's around 25%, like that stuff people put in their hummingbird feeders. Even though they feed on small doses, they eat their own body weight each day. Besides nectar, they also eat insects for protein. They spend 10-15% of every day feeding, and the rest, sitting, digesting, and watching.


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