The raccoon is a common sight across North America, found in forests, prairies and wetlands, not particularly fast or strong or deadly, the raccoons made advantage lives in its adaptability. It’s at home climbing trees and swimming in the water. A key sense of a smell helps it found food. With its nimble hands, they are collected buries and nuts, hunt for crayfish, frogs and other small animals, and even steal crops and eggs. Bird’s nests are favorite of raccoons. These two though, have found something bigger and riskier, a nest of crocodile eggs in Florida ever lays. Raccoons usually hunt alone, but there is enough food here to go around, the unopened eggs are quickly eaten, one hatchling manages to break free and makes a defensive stand. With an already full belly, the raccoon makes a half heart attempt to catch it. But it prefers a meal that doesn’t fight back. An easy food source for raccoons is available wherever there are people and their trash. As their natural habitats shrink, raccoons are relocating into towns, suburbs and cities. In fact, they thrive near people, the highest population densities are in urban areas, which shows how it adaptable and wild-ranging the raccoon can be.


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