the all rights were talking about the

fire tornado something that we just to
hear in my new studios not
miss something you can do at home but 12

kids early on parents early on
that there are plenty of things on the

web site we cannot be get vortex a.m.
EDT on the bottle
now not canceled its fire no not at all

smart but the phenomenon is
is amazing and I think it talks a little

bit about how a real tornado can work
tonight so
so when a tornado actually hits if I

remember correctly
the hot air rises I was little and then

a cold air from kinda comes in from a
perpendicular angle
million that causes that rotation just

below the neck thing go and I get
yet so just the rotation so here's a

link to I have a dish down here that has
some lighter fluid in the sponges into

him like this
and now it's all easy Susan so now if I

spin this
not analytic there's your skin that's

not necessarily a tornado correct
pressures of deter spinning in a fire in

because I have a hottie arising but we
don't have that you're hitting from the

affect so this is where this peace comes

in here to the pizza screen
my father in law wasn't using this in

this part of his house and im
no I did I got his on-screen is now the

screen does here like this so now what's
gonna happen is
as a spin it the little pieces at the

screen will catch the air is a closer
okay should see I'll rotation that's

their sis what this looks like here
and this goes on top now as we speak and

people want to look at this
answer to see there are you jerry curl

all sits there
so it's actually that's spinning motion

yes been motion its it starts into that
fire tornado now firefighters are really

cautious a fire 20 does because this a

twenty-two they can whip through those
are those trees and in the can jump up

and catch other trees on fire and she
can see a tree
I don't see a tree fire in 460 jump from

tree to tree from the very top right
an amazing singer little lines


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