the bus
point so here's what we did to ok tell

our viewers right now
don't do this at home do this at a

friends no don't do anything goes on to
anybody's of Biochemistry teacher do and

you'll be fine
so here's why did I took eggs today and

I blew the egg
out which means I poked a hole in one

and in the pope to hold the
other in like this and I had to poke a

pin in there and then blow on all and
low all the stuff out
it so it's the you when I wash my mouth

ion processes
so it's all we need that here also

getting the hydrogen gas what you make
yourself have no idea major on hydrogen

will you can
you can so so we have a nasa down here

and I have zinc
it seems that the auto industry know

that this is the simple someone needs
although this is with this isn't how

expensive so coming up with rosa the
zinc inside CC
how is your drum solo there it is it's

never gonna put this over the top like
know all of the house generating the gas
that looks like a fire department

problem right there now it's fine now
here's what we do
we are here let's move this lol yes with

stereo a good idea
we here take a glass is our second

substituted for the safety shield
I give a shit is your dial okay
so I'm gonna put the a over-the-top

legacy see how we're generating hydrogen
gas yes
i good so now and put them my finger

over the top you know what
protected at like to play behind it's an

important skill
yes got it ok it's intentional like this

so now the it's burning si si lo burning

I do I
sounded so it's just burning him so the

gas is coming
out so the hydrogens coming out and

actually 0 the Canaanites
I his is it good so it takes it a bit

well is drawing up oxygen with the

hydrogen although it
oxygen is coming in you know oh I see

over the bird right okay
so it is generating hydrogen insights

and you know you're a goose for
you don't that's why if I get four that

will be great that so that red balloons
or so this girl so we can really got a

pretty good when they're
the hydrogen is lighter than air so goes

out so here it
I'll that's good see how it's turning to

I can see other related see that care
about but
well %uh goodland leading do it again
yeah it was really a good hydrogen gas

in here so you try this
he also holds a okay alright so that way

we can just cuddle with this guy
so this is dead just year that's good
you know put your finger on it okay no

clothes at all
generated the list goes here that's

alright say a
this is of well don't think this is

going to be good so
the deal here is that you can see it

burning so oxygen coming in we get it
two to one ratio just go that's a good

one is
now this is the reaction is taking place

alright so so here just constant I
in a in nycad you know a hydrogen kinda

car running yet so the
little bit a hydrogen and oxygen so you

get that power the energy that's release
but it's just
yes is a good I think you know someone

in Detroit would want to talk to you
I wanted that's no more talking in the

ok do it with a bit okay
absolutely so again writing doesn't cite

other girls
%uh this is good or a lot about okay

just can't find them labor's or later

okay here we go
algo this 0


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