there's a whole section for some things

that glow in chemistry the cause
you wonder how teachers gonna come up

with this stuff you your help
I love things like oh absolutely and

down pick up a glow stick these are the
kind I think the kids are using out on

the fourth of July and I just wanna know
how they were a visit there so intrigued

by am so go ahead and snap it in half
him lights is that sheik fun
this is a chemical reaction that

happening here
and sometimes when you have a chemical

reaction you'll see things like the
color will change
things will bob all their might be heat

but these are nice and cool
this is camel luminescent which means

that it's releasing
energy in the form of white local this

so you do see 'em everywhere absolutely

everywhere and the kids think they're
and of course they're not there's two

chemicals inside and she
actually cut it open to show you what

the secret is our topic you'd never seen
this later this year it is there's one

chemical inside this
ampule and one chemical inside this

ampule so that crack in town that you
especially bad let's do it and it will

cover it live in Chico twenty-fifth I
salt I resent that night so yeah
good that so here is the court thing is

that on
in in China are they will take these

liquids here instead of the unity candle
for you know wedding ceremony
they actually take the two liquids and

with them together on the altar
it's got a new generation thinks a look

here they actually quit so mark from the
city bus
safety first right here in 20 overs to

laws right I could pick up pick up your
mixture these are mine two-part me to

write so now let's do this let's %uh
dim lights first and then as we mix if

you stand that why Chinese remix just
need to get sick already nixon
Negro nice to the just 0
sure enough all worked RB haha so we get

to sleep with the glans now
by luminescence would be like a firefly

is a range still cracked
fire and we don't have many fireflies

here in Colorado so here's what we're
look at what we have here are the

primary colors mark we have red green
and blue car I'm really worried she

better than
you are good so he's a this is for and

no yellow course in science
so it's red green and blue so here's

what we're gonna do is
bring the lights back up again and I

thought if you mix them together could
you make white
so here's our handkerchiefs a

handkerchief cuz like this really kinda
late here
now we just pour the liquid on

handkerchiefs a quinolone yeah
to imports altogether for this dissolve

my skin and if I ultimately
just a little bit just a little bit and

then economics around like this
now if you bring the lights back up

again take a look at some glow that's
where you start to see
that color mixing that's their others

like that see their so you can actually

mix the colors and back and forth in
this all containers the
can actually see the glow picking up in

her chip well I've got it


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