the this is
that you find in highs and fillings home

it's called
alginate but only I can see I can't eat

him you know he's more
my stuff yes it is gross cuz i heading

give me any night so flavorings and dogs
so here's the good stuff and by itself

it's just minutes gooey
it doesn't do anything if you just

squirted out it's just good like pie
filling but
this Sat murky can solution that you see

sitting here
actually has a calcium a ion in it

school now and being scientific are not
so its assault in this calcium in their
and so soon as the worm go touches it

watch what happens he ready
switches can open this up and what you

do is just squirted in Sin City
technique is like this hehehe just gonna

squirt it in like this square toe very
try it
customer shirts a constant pressure can

score did around good job
that's perfect no one says is region in

New Graham and that's it
is all done just get these done see just

gonna pull out in his head 57 you think
with all that calcium in to read have

better bone there is no
with Julia now what's in the US can tell

you're gonna have to explain to me is it
still liquid in the center
season amazing it's still a liquid kind

in the center we're in a solid
skydive soft in a wood how long did you

make yours for goodness
at 660 feet and we're gonna miss you

know here
in now you just drop down inside now the

nice thing about it is it colored how
everyone so give you a little red when

she nor I try that one day
and use it here's one here so if you can

imagine the science of food teachers
have used this for a long time to try to

get kids
excited about some ways it's instant

isn't an independent studies
and make it better if you want to go if

you want to edit that worm
or are different color like yours a

green one here that
that I actually put a coloring agent

gives a metal like a fact
so take OC this little drops so soon as

you just drop
insights on the road running through

their salad be you gotta internet here's
a good shot
that's a good one right there of perfect

take that one out that's fine
or he is kinda metallics its whatever

color you want to put inside of course
whatever flavoring they put inside
but as soon as it touches it it's able

to %uh solidify so the calcium is the
key thing
ever breaks in half because it still

liquid in the middle what's this little
snap right here
else he just conceal the in by dipping

them down and he's ready to go is like a
United so we've been teaching kids about

science polymers by doing slime for a
long time
but this is like an instance lines


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