delete raw egg and we look down here
I'm a show you just come how I cut into

its arms in the dremel tool
don't have to do this for the seems to

work pretty well so much
skills me stood
Filho sure good tornado hole on the side

in your hole on the other side and what
you get of course
G it is eg that has the societies so I

have it still with the ok inside
p so women to use is a little skewers

the skewer pops
the lil side like this now here's my

favorite part the whole world
for now not yes I area compelling
yes I know you I know that you've done

does is that these for this program out
it goes
that that impliedly clean Saleh I'm

going is now twice in a Toronto
back to I to now all we have is Michelle

but insides what we really want
so we need to dissolve that shell in

vinegar will dissolve the shells if you
take a look over here have a lil science

experiment already going for you so it
took the egg
in a filled with water and they dropped

again into a glass
I'll the nigger so see little bubbles in

the coming year right now
so those bubbles are actually dissolving

the shell ice tennessee is starting to
come off right now we're trying to get

through to the midbrain
writer is that right 1 through the

membrane and and
don't worry it's gonna take like five

six seven days until I get to do just
let it sit there
I discovered and let sit there and do

that and when you are done
you rinse it off a couple times and

careful with the show you'll never guess
what you're gonna have a look at this
this is fareless issuers and I know that

if I if I pop it like this
yes it should fill with air know we have

a whole on both ends
and so now if we want to get some air

inside when they're wet they don't do it
as well
look at this you can just gonna bounce

up lines at least a little damp now it's
okay here now watch
RGB years as per a Ontario I'm just

gonna bounce and it may be just a little
bit more
to see a you can pop it up there 60 you

know phil was some air
and now you're playing with it see how

it gets bigger and bigger and so now
you can fold it so if you do this well

%um it's coming up they're yelling
now see it this is just the membrane man

is amazing
to know when you wanna fold the a

consumer is looking at it looks pretty
good she just got a whole lot like this

and you just take it you think
%uh an amazing or my favorite you put

you put it in a ziplock
11 that's how you keep it so people one

another allow
that's it. transport in play with their

show the kids
and then I'm gonna put it in their

little bit a water and that'll be
and you can have to drain off just a

little bit I wanna see the magic trick
of Sri the secret first okay
so here's what you do you get a regular

a can you hold in your hand case and
nobody knows you get a regular a guy in

your hand
very cleverly home to see magicians

you'd never know there's a naked man
aiight serial it's a let's do it in this

one right here see have
this so you bounce around like this are

going on sir and you're not going to
like this
good job like that and then I'll take it

and now you just have to do this which
you describe it like this
in the crack up and it looks like say he

looks good doesn't it
magic they are magic is still shown that

that's the area can is something I C
and I have to hold that back sparky nor

the 1i more more dinnertime
you fun


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