hey this is Annie and today I will show

you how to make a very basic
moment egg roll recipe with a dipping

so please stay tuned
and watch the video by the way this

actually makes about 50 egg rolls happy

hearing gradients for making mom egg

here I have
one package vermicelli noodles that I

and hot water than a drain the water and

took a pair of scissors to cut it up
into small pieces
you can also shop it with a knife that's

fine too I have
2 cups I love chopped onion
1 pound ground pork
you can use any meat that you like

sometimes I like to add chicken
or Churchkey or ground beef but normally

use park
here's to
eggs 1 and for stealing
and the other party the egg white I

actually just dumped into this contain
then I have on the right
1 tablespoon oster sauce
and 1 teaspoon of salt to taste two cops
love shredded carrots to cuts
I'll shredded cabbage will need some
able skins for frying and also some oil
let's get started so what I did was I

just added all the ingredients into a
large bowl
and now we're just gonna mix it molly is

in one hand because
match the record in the summer iPhone

and I only have two million
someone holding the camera and the other

is mixing infant
SEC so all we want to do is just keep on

all these together and tell they're all

and incorporated I'll be back in a

little bit here is my finished mixture
as you can see it nicely blended

I only use one teaspoon of salt to taste

if it's not salty enough for you you can

add more salt
are normally I like six eat my egg rolls

a salt year peanut sauce that's why I

don't add too much salt
so that you know i'd doesn't get too

salty wanna eat it with my dipping sauce
but you're free to use whatever Homero

ever much thought you want
the beauty about making money echoes is

there's really no right or wrong way
to do it except for maybe adding too

much salt
then it gets very salty but other than

that you can add any other ingredients
on that you like sometimes I like to add

sweet potatoes sometimes I liked at the
sometimes I like to add arm what we call

the tree
tree year mushrooms they had and have a

I think labor but today I'm just keeping

it really basic
keep it really simple Anna let's get

ready to keel
are eggleston matter
of to package and Friday the heating
to pin-up eggleston and once you take it

out and
thought-out arm still gonna be kinda

frozen and slightly king of all and

that's when you wanna feel it if it's
too hard
don't feel it yet but if it's too soft

or back into the freezer and the day
chill a little bit more targets more for

me than you can peel it to you have nice
even all ever since cell
I'll be back in a bit because I can only

deal with one can sell after I finish
peeling off all my angle skins will get

ready to wrap them
here's the egg yolk that we had from

before just
and work she just gonna use this to seal

the egg roll
another some people like to use you know

milk well
water or some flour water mixture but
I will use to using eg egg yolk as the

so we're just gonna use that for today

but you can use anything that you like
to seal it
just had a girl just come apart when we

put in the oil for frying
I'm gonna demonstrate how to wrap an

ankle skin
I actually need to enhance I can

actually do the damn all for you
something on one recording right now

are just gonna walk it instructions and

then you can you know give it a shot
but basically what you wanna do is put

the mixture in the middle summer right
and make it kinda into a long you know

hot dog shape I guess
and you just basically roll it up you

think that and then take the other side
religion kinda like an envelope canelo
and then you just continue with both

hands keeping at hight
and snug and told you know you get about
just LP's flap flap many but the egg

right on top of that and the seal it up
and that's it here have one that's

already completed and done
and we're just gonna continue rolling

here some girls that I have ready for
my first batch a place some oil in a hot

home and I'm just gonna take it I'm you

can do this in a shallow pan but
sometimes the oil tends to splatter so
I A take extra precautions not to get

suffered in a large you know stainless

steel pots I could fry
but if you have a deep fryer that's even

better not at all just %uh
I'm just gonna place egg roll in
I guess the key to find ankle is that

when you do fry it in rapid
arm that there's not too much moisture

because if there's water at him lots

more moisture
it's actually going to stop Anna
you don't want that my major to actually

wasn't too
which had too much water too much

so I didn't actually have to drain out

any other liquid
but if you find that your mixtures to

or two has too much liquid in my

twenties a cheesecloth
she's trying it out me and then you can

wrap it
well we're just gonna let these Friday

and told their
golden brown and remember to put them on

both sides
so that on take a cut even me will be

way here is my first patch egg rolls but

I Friday
I'm just actually gonna let that cool on

a cooling rack
that I put some paper towels on
and what I do usually with my first

batch is
I user tester so that I can
test out with a girls are smart enough

and if they're not hot enough that's
when I would add
more salt to the mixture if I wrap
but if they're good good I'm ready to

wrapped arrested them and
defy so here they are thing look

golden brown crispy that's getting ready

to fry some more
so here's one that I just cut open moms
beautiful crispy
supports all cooked through the

vegetables are cooked through
actually really good gonna make it

really quick and easy
a goal peanut sauce we're going to use

some sweet chili sauce
1 tablespoon a fish sauce
one lime wedge and however many
Pena question as such you like saw
let's get started in and the fish sauce
squeeze one lime wedge
a minute and one you know
heaving to respond crushed peanuts
scattered altogether now this is all to

if you like a little bit more Pena and

Martina you like a little bit more fish
sauce and
fish sauce and if you like more lemon or

happy to add that to this is just a

little chip
choose a traditional so in chile sauce

that we normally eat with en route egg
so I hope you enjoy it and good luck
here is our finished product Mon egg

with a very simple and basic dipping

I hope that this tutorial will help you

and happy eating please subscribe to my

videos if you like my
recipes and I look forward to seeing you

in the next video


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