this is James from Zagat
and say we're in Austin Texas learn the

right way and a wrong way to take it
same I'm coming up I wanna shots chelan
so you're always going to get it on a

shot still chill
songs gonna grab here for this over ice
and there is a couple of
assault on their own rare strain that in

kinda cloudy is it up because all the

ice for any alignment
while I know exactly where would not
drinks cue the Salton city Quay the

alcohol burn which if you drink in a
good take you there is an Italian
the ice is gonna dole all the flavors

Phil salty
I like a seesaw artists are for sure

you're not appreciating this
see you at all right as it when you're

looking at a shot like this year we see
if you can weeks have to live in a stick

in a row to
yeah waiting to get to the line the

whole time to think
this is gonna say so back but it's so

good so
I like mine just like this
playing simple needs war
warmth Scott financing show you go for
while some good cue I'm gonna go ahead
action for an exhibition for on I
say go for it go for do it about that so

Mariners I don't need a line going to

pay like the aftertaste
you know peppery many there's nothing

that burned their
yeah you know I think that you're losing

but that's just my socks off this asking

about everything the fact you're getting
what we set out above which is a little

bit about what
heifer its gonna have a little pullback

the plunge in this budget but it's nice
to see if this comes through
and you wouldn't get anything back if

with us following
for my my
parent's ears skin


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