Hello, this is chef Zhang from foodwish.com, how to reheat leftover Pizza. No, we are gonna the oven, we are gonna use a stone stuffed method and it's so far superior. That's not even funny. All right. So here we go. We have our leftover pizza. It was delicious, but now it's soft and soggy and limp and floppy.

To step one we are going to put a dry large pan on mediate heat and place my pizza slices in the pan. There will be enough oil to crisp this up, so don't add any oil or anything else in the pan. Basically, what's gonna happen is it's gonna crisp the bottom of the crast. By the time the crapt is crispy; the heat would have come up through the cheese and actually reheated the top just right. We are going to make a little cover by foil to a circular shape that will fit the pan just gonna keep enough heat in without trap in much steam which is the enemy of crisy craft, so we just want this loosely covered. Of course, you are gonna have the experiment and time in your kitchen, but for me, it's about 45 minutes on medium and I will have a crispy craft and a hot surface. Can you here that? When the bottom crisps and the sound likes that and the top is hot. Yes, I've just burned my finger.

Take it out and enjoy and I have to say I really think it has to be blown away how amazing this works. No, not to eat it with. I want to use the fork to show you how amazing this works. Listen to this, come on. That's better. Better than we were delivered or ordered in a restaurant and to have insult injury you have to listen to me.

By the way, this works so well you don't even have to worry the pizza to be leftover. Our just do the pizza to be delivered, so we have that fresh oven effect. Anyway visit foodwishes.com there is for no ingredients but there is as usual and all is enjoy.



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