You challenge me to create new and delicious dishes with ingredients that you suggested.Paired with Fage Total,the truely unique,authentic Greek strained yogurt.

You chose lobster as one of your top ingredients.And I love lobster,too.And this is a really fun recipe.I'm using Fage Total to make a lobster club sandwich with watercress.That's tasty and healthy.So let's get going,you ready?

I've steeped some saffron with some red wine vinegar.Already cooled down.And in my bowl,I'm gonna take some of the Fage Total.And then I'm going to spill the saffron right on top.And we're gonna whisk that together,see what would that looks like.And I just love the way the saffron goes with the creaminess and the richness of the Fage Total.So most of the time people would probably take a full fat mayonnaise.But utilizing the Fage Total,first we're gonna have a wonderful flavor but it's also gonna be a lot lighter.Ok,then we're gonna take a little bit honey.And we got to cut some scallion very fine.And then some parsley.So now we have all the ingredients in front of us.Everything goes into the Fage Total with the saffron and the honey.We had some chopped celery,some red onion and some fresh garlic.And last but not least,the lobster.We're gonna have some salt and pepper.And we're gonna fork the lobster into the saffron flavour Fage Total.When you're cooking it home,you can incorporate Fage Total into all kinds of things.Appetites, untrained desserts,whatever you make.Alright,it's time to sample our lobster club sandwich.So we have three pieces toasted brioche.Just gonna line them up just like that.And we're gonna take a spoon.Take some of the lobster salad.Just one even layer on the bottom.Nnext piece of bread.And then some tomatoes,some watercress.Just a little more our lobster salad right in the middle.Our last piece of bread.And that's what I call sandwich.It's fresh.It's crisp.It's lighter because I'm using Fagr Total.Check that out!




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