Spa Etiquette
A spa voice is the same level you would use
Hi, I'm Kathy Yan, one of the owners of Ohm Spa in New York City for Today, I am going to share some tips on spa etiquette.
Avoid Noisiness at Spas

First, the environment at most spas is designed to be relaxing, peaceful and quiet. So please turn off or silent your cell phone upon entering. And remember to use a soft voice when speaking. We call it using your spa voice, approximately the same level you would use if you were in a library.
Changing Clothes at the Spa

During most services, like massages or facials, it is customary to completely disrobe before your service. Changing out of your street clothes and into a robe and a pair of slippers will help you to relax while enjoying your spa day. But the main idea is for you to be as comfortable as possible, so if you would prefer to leave any clothing on, you are certainly free to do so.
Spa Communication Etiquette

Make sure to communicate with your therapist during your session to let them know how you are feeling. While you do not need to make conversation with your therapist, giving periodic feedback will allow them to adjust their services to your preferences. Remember that the staff generally wants you to enjoy your visit as much as possible, so let them know if anything can be done to make you more comfortable.
Relaxing at the Spa

To really get the most benefit from your spa experience and to de-stress as much as possible during your spa service, try to free your mind of any thoughts from your everyday life. You will want to achieve a state of mind that will allow your body and your mind to relax and forget about all the worries of the outside world. Focus on taking nice, deep breaths and disengage your muscles as much as possible. During a massage, for example, while you are lying on the table, relax your arms and legs and allow your therapist to position them freely during the service.
Tipping Etiquette at the Spa

Finally, showing appreciation or gratitude in the form of a tip is very important, both financially and emotionally, for the therapists that work on you. This is typically done at the very end of your visit, while checking out at the front desk. Customarily, an appropriate tip is between fifteen and twenty per cent of each service's regular price.

Knowing these tips on spa etiquette will help make for a more fulfilling and enjoyable spa experience. Thanks for watching! To learn more, visit us on


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