Spa Modesty
How can you be courteous to spa guests and staff?
Hi! I'm Jon Ho, one of the owners of Ohm Spa in New York City and I'm here for One common question we get, particularly from new spa clients, is "Should I completely undress before my spa service?" This may be a sensitive topic for some people and in this video I will demystify the issue for you.
Coverage Provided at Spas

At most spas, you'll be provided with a robe a pair of sandals upon arrival. For some services, like facials or eye treatments, you might also be given a wrap that you would wear like a strapless dress. Male clients might also be given a wrap to wear around the waist for additional coverage.
Disrobing at the Spa

Customarily, most people completely disrobe at the beginning of a spa appointment. There is a very strong cathartic effect that comes from shedding your street clothes and putting on a soft, comfortable robe that helps with the relaxation process and prepares you for receiving the most benefit from your spa visit.

But keep in mind that the goal is for you to be as comfortable as possible. If you prefer, you always have the option of leaving-on anything that would help put you at ease or feel more relaxed.
Spa Nudity Etiquette

Be courteous of other spa guests and to the staff by never exposing your body unnecessarily.Before leaving the changing area, it's a good idea to ensure that your robe provides adequate coverage so that you're not overly exposed to other guests or to the staff, particularly in the common areas of the spa.

At the start of your service, your therapist will leave the room momentarily while you climb up onto the spa table and go under the sheets so that most of your body is covered.
What to Expect at Your Treatment

Your professional therapist should always keep your body properly draped with sheets or blankets so that you are never unnecessarily exposed. The therapist should only uncover the area that is being worked on while the rest of your body remains under the sheets. You should never be exposed in a manner that makes you feel uncomfortable and if that were to happen, simply let the therapist know so they can make the necessary adjustments. Don't hesitate to communicate with your therapist anything they can do to make you feel for comfortable.

To get the most out of your spa session, try to free your thoughts, relax your mind and focus on taking nice deep breaths. Allow the therapist to perform the work on you as you enjoy the peace and tranquility of the service.

If you can calm your mind and reach a state of relaxation, your body will follow along and that's a big step in achieving the ultimate goal of going to a spa in the first place.

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