How To Teach
The best way to learn something is to
Hi. I'm Donald Sinclair. I'm a Science and Math teacher with Greater London Tutors. Today, we are going to be looking at how to teach various topics. When teaching any lessons, it's always good to have a clear and well-defined set of learning objectives that you're going to speak throughout the lesson. Introduce these in the start with built-up points and re-introduce them at the end so we can summarize what's happened during the lesson, that you have a framework, these questions that you asked on. A common mistake in giving any lessons is that it turns into a lecture. We're simply talking out to students expecting them to note everything down. If you're giving a lesson, it's meant to be an interactive process, ask questions, think maybe think before the lesson, set of key questions that really analyze the students' understanding of the lesson objectives that you give them at the start. Never assume that the students understood something. Always test it by asking questions. Think of billions of questions, think of getting them to explain the topics to fully gage their understanding on something. If you're teaching more than one student, a great way to test the understanding of a subject and to prove learning is pure learning. Basically this means pairing of students or putting them in groups of 3 or 4 and having one explain the topic to the other. This is a great way to see whether something has been fully understood. The best way to learn something is you have to teach it to someone else. This really tests your bedrock understanding of the foundation. And often, students will surprise you by coming up with a great way to explain something that never occurred to you. You can then incorporate into your teaching and it also is a great way of showing how students understand things which are meant the processes that go behind learning and understanding any topic that you teach. These are a few ideas of teaching any topic that can really help in your process. .


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