A picture for Harold's room.

"I want a picture to put on the wall."said Harold.

He drew a house with his purple crayon.

More houses,made a little town.

It was far away.

The town had woods and hills and mountains.

And it was at the end of the long road.

"It will look pretty in a yellow moon."said Harold.

And he stood up into the picture to draw the moon.

He looked down at the houses.

"I am a giant"he said.

But a giant would scared all the people in town.

"It is good noone get up and saw me."said Harold.

He walked over the hills.

"How big I am!"he said.

Harold's head was above the clouds.

With a few steps,he went to the end of the land.

And at the end of any land,there's water.

"It is the sea."said Harold.

There were sea gulls.

Harold was big enough to walk throw the sea.

A great big ship went by.It was an ocean liner.

A big whale came in the wave spraying water.

And just hiting Harold was an old salling ship.

The sea ends angin at the deap hill.

Harold needs some rocks to step on.

He climbed out of the sea and on to the hill.

Then,he saw the ship was too near the rocks.

He put a light house to show the land rocks.

And he went on his way over high mountains.

Harold was higher than the highest mountain.

"I am higher than any thing"he said.

Then,suddleny he thought a air plane.

Harold duck his head just in time.

It was a big jet plane,fly very fast.

It was better there were no accident.

Harold found a mou place in the mountains.

It was a good place for a railway to go though.

The tracks came out on to a long flat field.

Harold put some birds and flowers near the tracks.

"people like to see things on trains."he said.

He went on drawing tracks and flowers and birds,and he had to keep looking for trains.

It was a big job for a little boy.

And all of the suddden he knew how small he become.

He was half the size of a daisy.

He was smaller than a bird!

How could he went home?

He couldn't went home though the sea.

He couldn't climb those big mountains.

And just than, he fell into a mouse hole.

"Excuse me."he said to the mouse.

Than Harold sat down on a papple to think.

After a minute or two, he stood up again.

"This is only a picture."he said.

Then,he took his crayon on his hand,he crossed them out.

"I am not big or little.I am my usual size."

But how can he be sure about it?

At home he was always his usual size.

So,he drew a door in his room.

There was a long mirro on the back of the door.

"Yes,"said Harold"I am my usual size."

He was glad he come back his room.

He was tired.

But he had no picture to hang on his wall.

So,he drawing one to paint.(?)

He drew another picture.


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