How to sing? Well, when clients come to me, the first thing I do is take them around the piano to make sure that they've got pitch which, you know, if they haven't, then if they're tone deaf, then obviously I can't help them. So basically, if I play a C and I go “ah,” then they go “ah,” then I know we're going to go “no.” And the second most important thing is breathing, so I do some mirror work with them and make sure they're breathing the correct way. Right, breathing. Jodi's going to for me. The most important thing is to breathe from below your belly button which is down here and breathe through the back which will then push the sides up which opens your ribcage there and that gets all the air in the back and around here so you've got fantastic breath control and then we do the scales. So, nice round open mouth and mirror work is very important for learning. So, if you look in the mirror and make sure you're doing the right mouth shape, okay. And that's using your breathing technique. And that's basically a few points on how to sing. .


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