Ordinary household objects offer great opportunities for introducing your child to the idea of measurement. Challenge your child to think about the size of things around the house. Is the sofa higher than the table? Use words such as “shorter,” “longer,” “higher,” and “lower.” Together, measure the objects with a piece of yarn or string and let your child see if he or she guessed correctly.

How does your child measure up, when compared to the fridge, the stove, or the height of the door handle? Use the yarn to measure your child from head to toe. You can mark your child’s height on the yarn with a piece of tape, and then compare it with the height of the chosen objects. Ask questions before you measure, for example: do you think you are taller or shorter than the radiator? You can lie down to let your child measure you and compare it to his or her own height.

Then have your child guess the shortest route between one part of the house and another. Use the yarn or string to compare. Have fun experimenting with distances between all sorts of objects inside or outside, using the yarn.


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