Miss Malarkey Won't Be in Today

I couldn't go to school this morning, Not with a fever of 103.2. I had to call principal wiggins. Principal Wiggins doesn't like it when a teacher calls in sick. Then she has to find a subsititute. He hates finding substitutes. Oh, and the last substitute he found for Mrs.Boba's class didn't exactly work out.

My poor class! What if he called Mr'Doberman? That guy is to tough he even scares me. Or he might have called Mrs.Ungerware. The kids call her Mrs.Underwear. Once my kids start laughing, they'll never stop Mrs.Underwear won't be able to get anything done.

Oh, I hope he didn't call Mr.Lemonjello. Mr.Lemonjello is such a nervous man. Sometimes my kids can be a handful. He'll be scared stiff if they let the iguana out of its cage. He'll never be able to handle them in music class. They'll crank up the volume. They'll dance on the desks. They'll swing from the lights. Oh, And when they have art… when they have art, they'll go crazy. They'll paint the ceilings and the floor. Mr'lemonjello will be two shades of blue. And then they'll all ask to go to the Bathroom at the same time. At the same time!The fire department will be called to stop the flood. They'll have to save Mr'lemonjello!

I have to get to school. Right now! Everyone looks okay. Better than I imagined. Better behaved than they are for me?

Oh, my class! Oh, the bell! Oh, my head! "Miss Malarkey, where were you today?" " Did Mr. Wiggins make you sit out here?" "Oh, no. I didn't feel very well today, but I've been worried sick about everybody." "We're fine, but you look terrible." "Feel her head. Maybe she needs an ice pack." "Let's take her to the nurse in case she needs to throw up." "Don't worry, Miss Malarkey. You just stay home and rest up." "And if Mrs.Berpur is our teacher tomorrow, we'll take care of everything."

Oh no, not Ima Berpur!


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