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One day,Caillou was coloring.He drew a big purple cat with green whiskers."I don't feel like drawing anymore.I want to play with a friend now,"Caillou said.He left his crayons and went to find his sister Rosie.There was no sound coming from Rosia's room.The blinds were down and Rosie was fast asleep.Caillou tiptoed in.He knew very well that he wasn't suppose to disturb his sister when she was taking a nap."Rosie!Rosie!"whispered Caillou."Shh!Calliou,be quiet!"Startled,Caillou turned around.Daddy was calling him from the doorway.Daddy looked annoyed."Caillou,I've told you before not to wake Rosie.""I was lonely.I wanted to play with someone,"Caillou explained."I'm sorry,but I can't play with you right now.Mommy and I are wallpapering the dinning room.""But Daddy,I'm tied of playing all by myself."Wait until Rosie wakes up,"replied Daddy.Then Caillou spotted the cat,stretched out on the sofa.Gilbert didn't have any friends to play with either."I'm going to play with Gilbert,"Caillou declared happily.He picked up the cat and put him in the back of his truck."Vroom!Vroom!"cried Caillou,pushing the truck.He drove Gilbert all around the living room."Vroom!Vroom!Beep!Beep!"Caillou was having a lot of fun.The truck and the cat started going faster and faster.Whiskers back,Gilbert wondered what was going on.It was the first time in his life had ever ridden in a truck.Suddenly,the truck bumped into the table.Band!Gilbert flew through the air and landed in a heap.Frightened,he ran and hid.The cat didn't seem to like the truck game.But that didn't matter,because Caillou had a better idea.He went over to his bookshelf and picked out a book about mice.He know Gilbert would enjoy it.Caillou loved to tell stories."This is a story about a little mouse called Mousy..."Caillou began in his best reading voice.He showed the mouse to the cat.Gilbert scratched behind his car.He didn't seem to be listening."Gilbert!Look at the cute little mouse"Caillou insisted.Glibert licked his paw.He wasn't the least bit interested in Caillou's book.Caillou was losing his patience.He pushed the picture of the mouse right under Gilbert's nose."Gilbert!Look at this!"The cat jumped off the sofa and ran away.Caillou wondered what kind of stories cats did like."I know what we can play!"Caillou exdairred suddenly.He just had another idea.He wentnto his room and brought out some doll clothes.Caillou put a bonnet and nightgown on the cat.He brust out laughing when he saw Gaibert all dressed up like that.He put one of Daddy's old hat on his own head.The game was all set.Caillou picked up the cat and put him gently in the stroller."Don't move,Gilbert.Daddy will take care of you,"he said.And he pushed Gilbert down the hall.But the cat didn't like being taken for a ride or being dressed up.He crouched and then bolted out of the stroller."Gilbert!"Caillou complained,disappointed.The cat turned up near Mommy and Daddy."Ohh!"They were very surprised to see Gilbert in a nightgown."Gilbert and I were playing dress-up.I'm the daddy,"Caillou explained."Caillou,dress-up isn't a game for animals!"said Mommy."Not for animals?"repeated Caillou."Do you like to play baby games,Caillou?"Mommy asked.Caillou shook his head."That's because you're not a baby,"said Mommy.Caillou looked at her,wide-eyed,as he thought about what she had said."Gilbert is a cat,not a person,"Mommy went on."He likes cat games."When Mommy went back to what she was doing,Caillou was still thinking."I've got it!"he said at last."I know what Gilbert will like."Caillou undressed the cat.Then he dangled the bonnet ties in front of him.The cat's paw darted out to catch the strings."You like cat games,don't you,Gilbert?"Caillou said happily."Wait for me,Gilbert.I'll be right back."Caillou went looking for a piece of paper.He crumpled it up into a little ball and threw it to Gilbert.The cat pounced on the ball and batted it with his paw.Caillou caught it and tossed it back to the cat."Hurry,Gilbert!You're a champion!"Daddy and Mommy came in to see what was going on in the living room.Caillou was sopyiing Gilbert.He was crawling on all fours beside him."We are cats.We're playing together."laughed Caillou. 有一天,卡里欧在画画。他画了一只长着绿色胡子的紫色的猫。卡里欧说,“我不想再画画了,我想跟朋友玩儿。”所以他离开了他的画笔,去找妹妹罗斯黛玩儿。罗斯黛的房间里没有声音,窗帘都放了下来,她正在熟睡。卡里欧蹑手蹑脚的进了房间。他非常清楚的知道妹妹小睡的时候自己不应该去打扰。“罗斯黛罗斯黛!”卡里欧小声说。“嘘!卡里欧!别出声”卡里欧下了一跳,转过身去。爸爸在走廊上喊他,看起来很生气。“卡里欧,我以前告诉过你不要吵醒罗斯黛。”“可是我很寂寞,我想有人跟我一起玩。”卡里欧解释道。“对不起,我现在不能陪你玩,妈妈和我在给餐厅贴壁纸。”“但是爸爸,我不想自己玩儿了。”“那就等罗斯黛醒来再说。”爸爸回答他。这时卡里欧看到了吉尔伯特,自己趴在沙发上。吉尔伯特也没有人一起玩。“我要跟吉尔伯特玩儿”卡里欧开心的宣布。他把猫抱起来放进他的小卡车的后面,“呜~呜~”卡里欧一边推一边喊。他推着吉尔伯特在客厅里来回转,“呜!呜!哔哔哔!”卡里欧玩儿的很高兴。卡车和猫一起跑的越来越快,卡里欧不知道怎么回事儿,这是他人生中第一次开卡车。突然,卡车撞到了桌子。吉尔伯特飞到了空中然后摔了下来。卡里欧很害怕,所以他藏了起来。猫咪好像并不喜欢卡车游戏,不过那没关系,吉尔伯特想出了另一个好主意。他去自己的书架上拿了一本关于老鼠的书,他知道吉尔伯特会喜欢的。卡里欧喜欢讲故事。“这是一个关于叫做莫斯的老鼠的故事……”卡里欧换上自己最好的朗读声音。他还把老鼠给猫咪看了看。猫咪在他身后的卡车上又抓又挠,看起来并没有在听。“吉尔伯特,看这个可爱的小老鼠!”卡里欧坚持着,但是猫咪看起来一点儿也不感兴趣。卡里欧失去了耐心,他把书推在猫咪的鼻子下面,“吉尔伯特!快看啊!”,猫咪跳下沙发跑走了。卡里欧想知道猫咪到底喜欢什么样的故事。“我知道我们可以一起玩耍的!”卡里欧突然喊到。他又有了一个主意。他跑进自己的房间,拿了一些洋娃娃的衣服,他给吉尔伯特穿上,看着它哈哈笑。他把爸爸的旧帽子戴在自己头上,游戏都准备好了。卡里欧把猫咪抓起来放在婴儿车里,说“宝贝别动哦,爸爸会照顾好你的。”然后他推着猫咪在大厅里走。可是猫咪不喜欢穿衣服也不喜欢被推着,他爬了出去。“吉尔伯特!”卡里欧抱怨着,很失望。卡车开到了爸爸妈妈旁边,“哦!”他们都很吃惊。“我跟吉尔伯特在玩家家酒。我是爸爸。”卡里欧解释道。“卡里欧,家家酒不是可以跟动物玩的游戏!”妈妈说。“不能跟动物玩?”卡里欧重复。“你喜欢扮成婴儿吗?”妈妈问,卡里欧摇了摇头。“那是因为你不是个婴儿。”卡里欧看着妈妈,睁大了眼睛,好像在思考她的话。“吉尔伯特是猫,不是人,她喜欢猫的游戏。”妈妈继续说。当妈妈回去看卡里欧的时候,他还是在思考。终于,他说 ,“我知道了!我知道吉尔伯特喜欢什么了!”卡里欧说着,解开了猫咪身上的衣服。“你喜欢猫的游戏,是吗吉尔伯特?等等,我这就回来。卡里欧找了一张纸,团成团,扔给了猫咪。猫咪用爪子拍了纸团。卡里欧又把纸团扔给猫咪。“加油吉尔伯特!你是最棒的!”爸爸妈妈进来看到了客厅里的这一幕,卡里欧趴在地上说,“我们是猫,我们玩猫的游戏!”



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